Northumberland Rivers Trust


Northumberland Rivers Trust 


Northumberland, various sites 

Scope of works 

  • Creation of seventeen wetlands and ponds 
  • Installation of five fish and eel passes 

Outcome / points of interest 

The wetlands have successfully created a habitat for wildlife. The new wetlands now provide a method of control for silt into the watercourses. 

Salmon and other migratory fish can now travel upstream (over the weirs). 

Peter Kerr, from Northumberland Rivers Trust, said:

“We are delighted to have been able to add these two important fish passes by working in partnership. 

“The contractors, WL Straughan and Son, did an excellent job in some challenging weather conditions, including the floods following Storm Angus! 

“After we completed the lower of the passes we saw some big sea trout trying to get past the upper weir, so we are confident that the lower one works well and that there are many migratory fish trying to return to the South Low.”