Environmental Services

Flood Alleviation

We have completed a diverse range of flood alleviation projects over the years. Storage of incoming rainwater and allowing it to drain away in a controlled manner is a prime example of how our projects help local communities.

Services include: 

  • Wetland creation
  • De-silting
  • Ditch and swale creation
  • River bank reinforcement (Rock Armour, Timbers, Willow Walls)
  • Overflow ponds

River Works & Fish Passes

Fish passes are essential to helping our migratory fish to complete their life cycle.

WL Straughan have made a commitment to protecting the environment. Our proactive approach to the preserving of sensitive and protected wildlife. This includes flora, fauna and marine life. 

We work with ecology bodies and surveyors to ensure our projects do not harm the environment. We use bio-degradable hydraulic oil with our plant. This minimises any potential risk of environmental damage. 

Our environmental works have expanded to include developing, improving, and rejuvenating fish passes. We have a strong reputation for delivering fish pass works. We have worked with the Duke of Northumberland’s estates and Rivers Trust. 

We are specialists in the construction, improvement, and restoration of water courses, including:

    • Fish pass improvements
    • River erosion barriers
    • Weirs
    • Riverbank strengthening/rebuilds
    • Flood prevention work
    • Flood plain reconnection
    • Re-meandering
    • River bed rejuvenation
    • River bank stabilisation

Pond & Wetland Creation

We have an experienced team to create new ponds and wetlands. 

We take all necessary precautions when working in sensitive areas, especially around water. Our machines use bio-degradable oil as a precaution. We mitigate all environmental risks before starting work.

Services include:

  • Pond construction
  • Pond landscaping including planting and seeding
  • Reed bed construction
  • De-silting

Wildlife Habitats

We can create and develop habitats to sustain and enhance local wildlife. There are numerous conservation benefits from these works, helping to increase the biodiversity of wildlife.

Examples of works include:

  • Hiberniculars
  • Badger sets
  • Newt nesting sites
  • Sand Martin nesting sites
  • Bio diversity establishment works
  • Encouragement of salt marsh growth