Traditional Landscaping

We carry out range of commercial landscaping works:

  • Conventional seeding
  • Hydroseeding
  • Turfing
  • Wildflowers
  • Tree and shrub planting
  • Verge/highway works
  • Landscape maintenance (Grass Cutting, Weed Treatment, Tree/Shrub Maintenance)

We are certified member of the British Association of Landscape Industries (BALI).

    Conventional Seeding

    We have a good range of machines, from compact tractor size to 200+ HP agricultural tractors.

    Our range of specialist equipment includes:

    • Cultivators
    • Stone rakes
    • Seed drills



    Hydroseeding can rapidly seed inaccessible areas in a safe way. Traditional seeding methods are not successful in difficult to reach areas.  

    Our high-pressure hydroseeding spray can reach up to 80 metres. This enables us to seed even the steepest of terrain and embankments. This is possible due to the combination of seed, tackifier, water and fertilisers used in hydroseeding. This approach gives the seed the best chance to germinate in difficult areas. We can hydroseed areas whether they are large or small. 

    Hydroseeding is also good for:

    • Reaching difficult/normally inaccessible areas up to 80 meters away
    • Quicker germination & early growth
    • Providing a more even distribution of seeds
    • Giving seeds the best chance to be successful
    • Most cost-effective seeding solution
    • Preventing soil erosion

    An outstanding example of our hydroseeding is Northumberlandia. This iconic land sculpture required extensive seeding in difficult to access areas. This demonstrates the excellent results using this method. 

    Another example of our hydroseeding works is on highway embankments. Recent projects include A1 Morpeth Northern bypass and the A1 Scotswood to North Brunton works. 


      We have experienced turfing teams, delivering large projects efficiently:

      • New housing estates (plot works)
      • Landscaping projects
      • Commercial properties
      • Remedial works

        Tree and Shrub Planting

        Our wealth of experience with tree planting allows to undertake large scale planting projects. From bare root, cell grown to heavy standards, our knowledge can help deliver your project.

        Project sites include:

        • New building sites
        • Landscaping projects and schemes
        • Woodland planting
        • Highway tree and shrub planting